5 Ways to Pay for Your Tuition

Alexis is one of our alumni who raised over $6,000 on her own.

Alexis is so passionate about “paying forward” her experience with FutureDocs Abroad, she’s coached dozens of students on how to pay for their trip.

Here are her Top 5 Tips to pay for the FutureDocs Abroad All-Access Internship…

STRATEGY #1: Talk to your school

Your school community wants to support the endeavors of its students. It’s great publicity for your school if they have students doing amazing things like traveling abroad for a medical internship. So, start with your administrators to see if they have ideas for fundraisers and publicity.

STRATEGY #2: Canvas your teams and clubs

Like your school administrators, your extracurricular clubs and teams are usually more than happy to support their members. Whether it’s setting up an informational and donation booth at a volleyball game, getting a portion of football ticket sales, or simply asking a club for donations, if you’ve been involved with a group for a long time, they love to support what you’re doing.

STRATEGY #3: Flyer days

Many chain restaurants offer what’s called “flyer fundraising.” If you talk to the manager, you’ll be able to hand out coupons for a local restaurant for one night. A portion of the profits from that night’s sales will go toward your trip. Doing a flyer night one night a week could potentially pay for your entire trip. Here’s a list of 55 restaurants that offer fundraising opportunities.

STRATEGY #4: Local businesses

Alexis shares that her strategy was to always explain how the trip would benefit the community as a whole. She talked about her dream of becoming a doctor and would tell local business owners, “One day the life I save may be yours.” She approached local businesses for support and sponsorship of her trip. As you know, physicians have a tremendous impact on their communities, so local business will often be happy to support you and your dream.

STRATEGY #5: A part-time job

Getting a job in high school or college is not only a great way to earn money for your trip, but the right job can also be a resume-booster. Employers, schools, and programs want to see a pattern of responsibility. You can gain experience while earning money for your trip.

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