Meet Hallie. Hallie is a high school student in Louisiana who wants to become a doctor.


She recently discovered an incredible internship that would reveal if medicine was truely what she was meant to do, and just as important… Discover if she has what it takes to make that dream come true.



Dear Future Doctor,

If you’ve searched for ways to experience the medical field first-hand, you’ve probably found very few, if any opportunities out there. Or, if you have found an opportunity, you’re told, “You’re too young”… “You’re not ready”… or “You don’t know enough.”

Maybe you are just like Hallie, and deep down, you know you were MEANT to be a doctor.

Maybe you have no idea IF you are meant to become a doctor simply because you haven’t been given the opportunity to experience medicine first-hand, up-close and personal.

So what if you could experience what it would be like to be a doctor right NOW instead of waiting until your third- or fourth-year of medical school?

What if you had the opportunity right NOW to answer all the questions you have about pursuing a career in the medical field? Questions like:

How do I really know if medicine is right for me?

Is becoming a doctor what I was truly meant to do?  

Do I have what it takes?

Can I handle blood in the OR or Emergency Room?

What specialties do I want to study?

What exactly am I up against when it comes to medical school and medical school admissions?

Imagine being able to SEE, FEEL, and TOUCH exactly what it’s like to…

Watch a baby being born. That’s what program alumni Sierra Jensen got to do…and right there, in that moment, she knew she was meant to be an OB/GYN. Sierra wrote about this experience in her personal statement for her college applications—and was awarded a half-tuition scholarship to her dream school!

Tour with doctors in neurology, cardiothoracic surgery, pediatrics, and orthopedic surgery. Program alumni Christian Pollema did all of this and more during his medical internship.

Shadow a cardiologist, hear a heart murmur… and actually get to see and hold a human heart! Thanks to the doctor who was mentoring him, program alumni Luke Holden got to do just that.

Scrub in and even assist with surgery. 2019 Alumni, Lewis Hall, was lucky enough to be in the room and close up on brain surgery!

These are from just of few of hundreds of students that have gotten the chance to experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

Another incredible story is from a Massachusetts high school student named Rose. Like Hallie, she also participated in FutureDocs Abroad. See first-hand what she has to share about her personal experience last summer…

Ask anyone who’s in the medical field—and they’ll tell you: There’s nothing else quite like it.

FutureDocs Abroad is a Life-Changing Experience That Not Only Opens Your Eyes… It Opens Doors that Wouldn’t Otherwise be Available to You…

FutureDocs Abroad was created to give high school students an opportunity right now to experience what ONLY third- and fourth-year medical students can here in the United States.

As you’ve just witnessed, this All-Access Internship makes it possible for YOU, right now, to do all the things we only get to see on TV in shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Resident, Chicago Med, New Amsterdam, and The Good Doctor.

Things we call the “Big 3”.

The “Big 3” are…

  1.  Gross Anatomy. A hands-on and up close approach in the lab, alongside an anatomy professor dissecting full cadavers (just like third and fourth-year medical students);
  1.  Surgical Observations. Witnessing real surgeries from a surgical suite or observation deck while talking directly to the surgeon (during the procedure) to gain a further understanding of exactly what happened and why; and
  1.  Rotations. Shadowing physicians in the Emergency Room, clinics, and patient rooms in over a dozen areas of specialty (including pediatrics, oncology, surgery, orthopedics, OB/GYN, and more!)

The Big 3 are the most unique and sought-after experiences an aspiring future doctor can have to prepare for a future in medicine.

But experiencing the Big 3 here in the United States is almost near impossible. Mainly because of our country’s privacy laws and insurance regulations. Lawyers at hospitals and medical schools just don’t want to risk a lawsuit. But…

In other countries, it’s a completely different situation. In many countries, these Big 3 experiences can be arranged in ways they never could in the U.S. Hospitals and medical schools in these countries are friendly and welcoming to driven and passionate students aspiring to dedicate their lives to the noble profession of medicine.

Their standpoint is simple. They want to encourage and nurture the next generation of physicians, surgeons, and medical scientists. To help the rise of medical advancements for future generations to come…

To help serve humanity in ways they can contribute.

And as you may or may not already know, the Association of American Medical Colleges predicts a major shortage of both primary care doctors and most specialists over the next 10 years. There are simply too few medical schools to meet the growing demand for physicians and medical scientists.

If you plan to pursue a future in medicine, how will YOU demonstrate your passion, drive, and commitment to see your dream of becoming a doctor come true?

How will YOU stand out among other medical school candidates applying to the same medical school?

Medicine is among the most honorable of professions and driven individuals like yourself need a positive message and all the direction, confidence and capabilities possible to make that dream come true…

Which is how FutureDocs Abroad came to exist.

An elite internship, like NO OTHER that allowed a mature group of high school students to travel on an international adventure and spend two weeks experiencing the Big 3, 100% hands-on, up-close, and personal.

The Real Deal… nothing more, nothing less.

This exclusive hands-on and face-to-face approach to medicine you’ll experience by participating in this internship will give you an undeniable competitive advantage over other students interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine.

This is one unique opportunity that will make you significantly stand out when applying to college, medical school, writing admission essays, and more.

You will also have the rare opportunity to experience an entirely different culture, as well as build long-term friendships with those students who share your same dreams and passions – other driven and passionate individuals who want to make a difference in the world and devote their future to saving lives.

Here’s YOUR once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reach a level of unlimited potential, open doors that wouldn’t otherwise be available to you, and discover your future self right now…Just like Hallie and Rose and hundreds of other students just like you.

But don’t wait too long to decide…  Due to the limited space available, enrollment for our 2019 summer programs are first-come, first-served, so once all space is full, enrollment will be closed.

Don’t be shy! Call our Admissions Office today and get all your questions answered. Our Admission Counselors can also schedule an appointment for you and your parents to speak with one of our Alumni Students to determine if FutureDocs Abroad is right for you.  You can call our Admissions Office directly at (888) 986-6563 or email us at

Today could be the day you change your life forever!

For more information by email, including enrollment details, complete the application below:

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