Frequently Asked Questions

What is FutureDocs Abroad?

FutureDocs Abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in real-life gross anatomy labs, operating rooms, and medical treatment rooms, and to observe human autopsies (experiences reserved only for third- and fourth-year medical students here in the United States).

Imagine walking alongside physicians as they treat patients and perform procedures in the emergency room, outpatient clinic, and medical ward.

FutureDocs Abroad was created by the National Leadership Academies to give passionate high school students an opportunity right now to experience what up till now they’ve only seen on TV!

What can a student gain and experience by taking part in FutureDocs Abroad?

The hands-on learning students will experience will give students an undeniable competitive advantage over other students interested in pursuing a career in the field of medicine. This opportunity gives students that unique competitive edge in writing admissions essays and applying to colleges and medical schools.  At the same time, students will receive a substantial increase in self-confidence, having experienced a rare opportunity like this one.

These students will have a truly remarkable hands-on and face-to-face approach to medicine they cannot get anywhere else. Students will also be given the opportunity to experience a different culture, as well as build long-term friendships with those students who share their dreams and passions – other like minded individuals who want to make a difference in the world and devote their future to saving lives.

Will this All Access Medical Internship help a student get into college and/or medical school?

FutureDocs Abroad is designed to give high school students an opportunity to see, touch, and feel medicine in a way they never imagined possible at this point in their lives.

This program is designed to motivate and inspire students to work harder and with greater focus and dedication. It will give them a newfound confidence. This will allow them to mold themselves into stronger candidates for admission to any college or medical school.

Who will chaperone students during the program?

Students will be chaperoned by a team of staff experienced in managing student programs. Chaperones accompany students on the international flight, stay near students in overnight accommodations, and accompany them on cultural excursions off-campus in order to be available 24/7 to students.

Also, Shree Bose will be on-site in Hue, Vietnam participating with students in FutureDocs Abroad as our special guest (exact dates Ms. Bose will be in attendance are subject to change due to her schedule). Ms. Bose was the Grand Prize Winner of the very first Google Science Fair Competition in 2011 and she currently serves as Academic Director to FutureDocs Abroad and the National Leadership Academies. Ms. Bose is a Harvard graduate with a degree in cellular and molecular biology and is now pursuing an M.D./Ph.D. program at Duke University.

Ms. Bose recently became a tech entrepreneur, co-founding Piper, which is developing toolkits to engage students in computer science and technology. Piper will enhance the lives of thousands of young people around the world who will be inspired to pursue science and technology. Ms. Bose was named one of Glamour Magazine’s Top 10 College Women of 2015 and is a tireless global advocate for STEM education.

Will students be split into smaller groups during the experience?

Students will be split into smaller, more intimate groups for the program itself so they can participate in more activities, as well as experience a more hands-on approach. Experienced National Leadership Academies chaperones will travel with the students to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Where will students stay during the program?

Arrangements will be secured for students and chaperones to reside in a local hotel in Hue during the program. The hotel will be safe and comfortable with modern amenities. Student accommodations will be single-gender, double occupancy.

Full information on accommodations will be released upon enrollment.  If you have specific questions on accommodations, please contact our Admissions Office directly.

Strict curfews will be enforced for students throughout their stay, each of whom will be assigned a specific chaperone to report to. Students will be chaperoned at all times when outside the care of medical center and hospital staff.  Parents may also contact chaperones directly if they cannot reach their child for any reason.

How will students “get around” during the program?

Students will travel with their small groups and chaperones to and from program activities via private, scheduled transportation, or walk if they are within close walking distance. Private motor coaches will be arranged for any excursions or activities that take place outside the area.

What is the tuition for FutureDocs Abroad, and what does it include?

The tuition per student to participate in FutureDocs Abroad is $6,250.00. A payment plan may be offered; please contact our Admissions Office for more information.

FutureDocs Abroad tuition includes all program costs, international air travel, accommodations, chaperones, and three meals per day, as well as any necessary local transportation. All international travel plans and accommodations will be arranged by the National Leadership Academies team, and are included in the tuition payment.

Tuition does not include recommended trip cancellation insurance, domestic airfare to the departure location for international travel (or other domestic transportation methods), required visas or passport fees, required vaccinations, health records or tests, spending cash for souvenirs or snacks, or airline baggage fees.

What is the refund policy for FutureDocs Abroad?

Enrollment may be canceled for a full refund of tuition paid if a request is made in writing within 30 days of the first or full payment.  Refunds can take four to six weeks to process. Beyond 30 days of the first or full payment, tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable, including all deposits and payments paid and unless the Program is canceled by the Academies, no monies shall be refunded to the Student. The Academies strongly encourages families to purchase travel insurance to cover travel and tuition expenses in case of an unforeseen cancellation.

What vaccinations or immunizations will a student need?

All students’ routine vaccinations must be up to date. A complete list of other recommended vaccinations will be provided well before departure and in time for proper administration prior to any program.

If students are taking any prescription medicines, they should pack enough for every day they are away from home, along with an additional three to four days’ supply. Students are required to keep all prescription medications in the original prescription bottles and to always carry those bottles in their carry-on luggage. Be sure to check TSA guidelines if the medicines are liquids.

What about international safety?

As with travel to any international destination, general awareness, staying within the group as required by program policies, and trained leadership from program staff will greatly reduce the likelihood of any safety concerns. All students will be trained on safety and security measures as well as plans of response should a safety concern arise, either locally or elsewhere within the country.

What if a student becomes ill or injured while on the trip?

Should a student become ill on the trip, injure himself or herself, or require medical treatment, the chaperone to whom the student is assigned will bring the student to the emergency room and remain with him or her while parents are contacted immediately.

The National Leadership Academies requires all students to submit emergency contacts and disclose medical conditions, allergies, dietary restrictions and/or special needs, prescriptions, etc., before the trip so that if it becomes necessary for the student to go to the hospital for any reason, our team has all this important information on hand.

What can students bring with them (laptop, iPod, cell phone, etc.)?

Students can bring all of the above. As with any travel, students will be reminded to be cautious about using their devices in public and to avoid being distracted by devices while in public settings.

What is the dress code for FutureDocs Abroad?

Students will be asked to wear scrubs and white lab coats for all sessions at the hospital and medical facilities. For weekend excursions and off-time from the hospital, students should pack comfortable/casual clothes. Students are welcome to bring any personal items and spending money for the duration of the program. We recommend students also pack a small first-aid kit and any over-the-counter personal hygiene items they might need because many personal items we are used to getting easily are not as easy to get in another country.

Students will receive a suggested packing list prior to departure to help them pack everything they need for this adventure.

Are there any other expenses for which students will be responsible?

FutureDocs Abroad includes all program costs, international airfare, accommodations, local in-country transportation, and meals, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. NOTE: Students with special dietary restrictions are asked to submit this information with the required emergency contact, medical conditions, and prescription medication paperwork before the trip.

Students may want to bring pocket money for their own personal expenses, shopping, personal care items, etc. ($250-$300 should be more than adequate). Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted; Discover and American Express are not accepted as widely. Parents should ask their credit card companies about their international transaction fees and alert them of the student’s international travel plans beforehand to avoid security holds.

How will parents and students be able to communicate?

The National Leadership Academies staff will provide parents the email addresses, Skype accounts, and local cell phone numbers of all team/chaperone leaders. We suggest families open a free Skype account at to enable them to communicate internationally for free via a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Do students need a visa?

Hue, Vietnam: YES. Citizens of the U.S. require a visa to travel to Vietnam. Students will also need a current and valid U.S. Passport for entry into Vietnam, with at least 6 months validity after the last date of the scheduled trip, and the passport must have at least one blank visa page.

Why choose Vietnam as a location for FutureDocs Abroad?

The National Leadership Academies has longstanding relationships with medical organizations and leaders in the education and healthcare fields in Vietnam which allows students this superb access and experience. Also, Hue is a popular international tourist destination because it is as safe as any large U.S. city.

The National Leadership Academies also has ties to the most prestigious medical school in Hue, the hospital attached to it, other private hospitals, smaller community hospitals and clinics, and other health and government institutions. This allows an elite level of access and cooperation for attending students.

Hue, Vietnam is a historical, safe, and welcoming city. It is also one of the growing centers of medical advancement and international educational cooperation. While physician mentors at the hospital will educate students in English, hospital patients and most of the general population does not speak English, so students will have the opportunity to truly immerse themselves in life in Vietnam. English-speaking physicians from the host university will guide students in their areas of expertise through each rotation. FutureDocs Abroad Vietnam will take place at the Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy and its affiliated hospitals and facilities.

Participants will receive their very own personalized FutureDocs Abroad Achievement and Leadership Certificate upon completion of the program.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, and you would like to speak directly with an Admissions Counselor, please call us toll-free at 888-986-6563 or send us an email at

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