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Up Close. Hands On. Nowhere Else.

This All-Access Summer Medical Internship Program Allows High School and Undergraduate College Students to Access Gross Anatomy, Surgery, and Shadowing of Doctors.

The “Big 3” Sought After Experiences for Future Doctors…

Observe Surgery 

View​ actual surgeries taking place in the operating room

Gross Anatomy

Work on and study real human cadavers in the lab

Shadow Physicians

in the Emergency Room, Clinic and Patient Rooms as they treat patients and perform procedures

The confidence coupled with the hands-on tangible skills FutureDocs Abroad gave me resulted in additional surgical shadowing opportunities (including brain surgery!) right here in my hometown. Witnessing intricate techniques and skills up close, absorbing all of the anatomies and memorizing each step to familiarize me with a procedure has taken me to an entirely new level. I was always told that medicine was a calling rather than a career... never has this statement rung louder or more true for me.

Lewis Hall - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
This program will truly reveal whether or not you want a career in the medical field. Also, the friends you will make in the two weeks during the program will make your experience absolutely amazing.

Madison Moore - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
Getting to see open heart surgery, work in the gross anatomy lab, watch nine live births, hold a human brain, and so much more! I would never have been able to experience any of that here in the U.S. until I was far enough along in med school.

Jade Lindenau - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
FutureDocs Abroad showed me how much I really want to be a doctor and it taught me so many things about myself... It was truly life-changing.

Danielle Barrasso - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
FutureDocs Abroad is an eye-opening experience for your future and yourself and it allows you to truly decide whether medicine is for you and why it is for you.

Rose Burke - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
This experience made me realize that no matter how hard I have to work, I want to be a surgeon. I want to be as passionate as those doctors that helped me with rotations.

Payal Patel - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
This whole experience has definitely surpassed everything that I had ever thought was going to be possible.

Jessica Villarreal - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
I feel like my future is so big now. There are so many branches of medicine that are so interesting and there are so many different ways to make an impact.

Emma Lampropoulos - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
FutureDocs Abroad has just opened my eyes to the sense that there is so much more out there that you can only imagine and dream of.

Joshua Vicente - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
I think it's absolutely priceless. Like you really can't get anything like this anywhere else.

Erica Sluy - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni
I've been able to work on cadavers. I've watched multiple surgeries. I helped suture a bloody guy's foot. How many people get to go into med school and say, "Oh, I know how to do five different suture knots. I know that part of the anatomy"? I'm absolutely sure that I want to go into medicine now.

Zach Lewis - FutureDocs Abroad Alumni

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